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The Annual Analysis and Forecast
for the Motivational Events Industry

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Monmouth University

Site Contact: Janene ChanPowers

Monmouth Contact: Dr. Scott Jeffrey

Welcome to the Site Index. This is an ongoing research project that will give the incentive travel industry the tools it needs to grow and to prove its legitimacy. We are appealing to you to take an active role in this project.

We need a minimum of 1,000 people to enroll in this effort if we are to gather meaningful information. We need a full sampling of users and providers of incentive travel. Small companies as well as large; those who do one trip per year and those who do one a month; practitioners from all parts of the world; users in all aspects of their company --- sales and marketing, procurement, planners, etc. I’m sure you see what we are after.

Here’s what we would like you to do:

  1. Enroll yourself by clicking on the "Sign me up" link at the top of this page. It will take you to a VERY brief questionnaire including some background questions. Note, they are all optional, but we would like to get them so we can understand the composition of our panel.

  2. Encourage anyone else you know that might want their voice heard in the industry, either from a provider's or user's standpoint. We would like to get this list going viral quickly, so anyone you can tell about it will assist us.

  3. Promote this program by encouraging everyone connected to the industry to enroll. Talk to your colleagues. Mention it whenever you address a group --- be it three people or 300. Use every opportunity to help us build a database of potential panelists to provide the information that will grow our industry.

  4. If you are already a panel member, THANK YOU! You can click on the "Take the Survey" button to be taken to the latest survey.

Any questions you have about this project, the survey, or anything else can be addressed to either Janene ChanPowers or Professor Scott Jeffrey